Friday, August 18, 2006

D. Koo: CATS: Center for Adaptive optics Treasury Survey of distant galaxies, SNe and AGN

AO is very expensive, this survey is focused on observing the already well-studied fields (GOODs, GEMS, EGS).

AO for distant galaxies is valuable becasue: (i) Good match of psf cf HST; (ii) galaxy components have sub-kpc sizes ideal for AO (z~0.5-5);(iii)optical regime shifted to NIR. Why not use AO? Need AO stars, PSF is uncertain (problematic for SN detections?), low efficiency. Laser guide star is in use, this increases the possible area for doing AO.

Study merging galaxies (resolve components) and comparing to stellar synthesis models can give information on merging processes at high redshifts. Can find SNe at high redshifts inside galaxies at NIR wavelengths (one found at z=1.24), but need nearby PSF star and give precisions of ~0.1 mag (which to me suggests that they have problems with the photometry).


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