Friday, August 25, 2006


I will not comment on any particular of the hundreds of posters presented during this week (of which the majority are presented at the Binary Stars Symposium). I only took a brief walk through the poster rooms of the Convection and Binary Stars Symposia and took some of the few A4 copies that were left. In general, one could say that the posters got less attention than deserved, at least in the Convection symposium, since there was not a single session dedicated to posters and the poster rooms were located far away from the coffee tables. But pdf files of the posters will be made available on the conference web page. In the Binary Stars Symposium there was one session with poster highlights each day, allowing the poster authors to make short oral presentations. Many of the posters (not presented orally) were about one particular binary system.

I noticed that for my own poster I had supplied too few A4 copies, they were all gone after a short time. You can download an A4 pdf file of my poster, presented at both the Convection and Binary Stars Symposia here.


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