Friday, August 18, 2006

The end?

First of all, thanks to Jens, who also wrote some summaries during the last days and posted them below.

The poster session is over (I got some nice feedback from people), I have checked out and will soon meet the guy with whom I'll be staying over the week-end (with HC). This means the conference is over for me and I certainly enjoyed it.

During the week-end, I'll finally get to see Prague. There is a slight chance that I will attend some talks on Monday before I fly back to Sweden in the evening. If not, I will at least address some of the critics that I got for turning down the "planet issue" below.

It was fun to write this blog and it felt good that it at least got some attention. Thanks to all readers. At times it was more effort than I expected to simultaneously listen, get the major points and rephrase them in own words. I will have to read over all of it after a while to judge for myself if I succeeded or not.


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