Thursday, August 17, 2006

M. Franx: Properties of galaxies at z=2-3

Between z=2-3 presumably many galaxies build the bulk of their stars and one has to have control over sample properties and selection effects.

The authors and collaborators select galaxies in rest-frame optical which means deep NIR-imaging with VLT in that case (MUSYC-survey). They place a mass limit at 10^11 solar masses. At this massive end, the red galaxies dominate the population (77%) already at that time.

But these red galaxies are not "dead", but still show significant dusty star formation. In the U-V over V-J diagram, a large part of the population lies below the local population.

Clustering correlation length correlates with J-K color (Quadri et al. 2006) which means that redder galaxies ar emore clustered.


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