Tuesday, August 15, 2006

H. Ford on "Evolution of clusters from z=0.2 to 7"

This talk is on behalf of the ACS (one of the cameras on the HST) Instrumend Development Team. Galaxies at z=6 are presented and they seem to be irregularly shaped. There is an indication of luminosity evolution in the sense that glaies get twice as bright on average, when going from z=6 to z=3. They are also smaller and bluer at z=6.

There were many beutiful pictures from clusters shown, but I found it difficust to grad the overall picture, so I give up on this talk. :-)

Time for some coffe!


At 11:24 PM, Anonymous Am. Hel. said...

"... They are also smaller and bluer at z=6."

Why would they be bluer? Is this after they adjust for redshit? And, would "smaller" mean in absolute size, not apparent size?


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