Monday, August 21, 2006

J. Fierro: Astronomy for Teachers in Mexico

This talk is about basic education and with a wonderful metaphore (ape-mother teaching the use of tools) she points out the basic structure of learning which includes the natural interest of children and practical experiments.

The speaker was adressed by pre-school teachers with 650 questions of the children and there were books written about how to answer them. These books are very helpful for and popular among teachers. Several other books are presented and she throws a copy of each into the audience. :-)

In middle school, where pupils think more about sex than science, the curriculum is less on astronomy and more on social problems and there are books by the speaker where different issues are adressed in a popular but scientific way.

Finally, she stesses the importance of teachers and of finding good ways to teach, because education is the most important way to leave underdevelopment.


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