Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Triggered Star Formation

I just went over to another hall, where the S237 on "Triggered Star Formation in a turbulent ISM" takes place. As far as I can see, this mainly contains studies in the Milky way and the Magellanic Clound, where one can get much more detailed information than in distant galaxies.

Righ tnow, it is H. Beuther speaking on "Physics and Chemistry of hot molecular cores". Observations of the well-known Orion nebula are presented and sub-mm data seems to show that there is no massive compact source in the hot core itself. Molecular lines are studied here, Methane seems to be important, and I suddenly realise, that although this field should be closely related to galaxy evolution, I have very little clue what is going on here.

I think I'll continue wandering...


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