Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Posters, not ceremonies

I just skipped the "Opening Ceremony" and the first Session of the general assembly itself. I guess I am not too much into ceremonial things and festivities. Instead, I went throught the poster hall and had both a discussion about my own poster and a look at some others.

Many have a pile of A4 copies at their poster board, so that one can take a copy if one is interested. Around 15 of mine have been taken so far, not too bad. I photographed those posters that interested me, but did not provide printouts. You can find them in the gallery with all other pics which is surprisingly empty, considering my usual rate of taking pictures.


At 5:44 PM, Blogger CCP said...

Very nice reporting for those of us who can't be in Prague. Can you leave this up for a week or so after the meeting?

At 10:58 PM, Anonymous Amateur Heliochromologist said...

Great to see a Prague blog, Thomas. I look forward to seeing your posts. The link to Plait's BadAstronomy, though the site is momentarily down, is also nice to see. The forum is addictive. :)

Thanks for letting us know your name, at least. I had trouble finding just who was behind all the "I"'s. You may wish to link to the bottom for anyone wanting to know, however.


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