Wednesday, August 16, 2006

C. Martin on "Galaxy Evolution with GALEX UV Surveys, Spitzer and SDSS"

This is not the same C. Martin as two talks ago. Then it was Crystal, now it's Chris. He argues that the blue part of the bimodal galaxy distribution (in the color-magnitude diagram) is not a "cloud" but a sequence that is only blown up bt the spread in age of the stellar population.

So how does a galaxy move from the blue to the red sequence? He showed models of transitional colors and mass fluxes between the two regions, but I did not really understand this.

From several samples of galaxies and by looking at the IR-excess, he finds that, as expected, the SFR in high-mass systems has declined a lot sinced z=1, however, it has remained constant over this time in low-mass systems. Again, this is evidence for downsizing.


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