Monday, August 21, 2006

O. Alvarez: Planetario Habana: a cultural centre for science and technology

The funding for this planetarium came internationally (maybe from IAU, I did not get that) and they use it to build up a center for the teaching of science and technology in central Habana. It is integrated with the museums of the city and will promote astronomical knowledge to the public, including cosmology. Architecturally, the big sphere inside the building that will hold the planetarium represents the sun and there will be models of the other planets in the same scale.

Opening will be in the end of 2007.

An inportant comment was made, namely to get to ineract with the teachers and provide help for them and a special program that is different from the popular show. Many planetaria seem to have problems to keep a steady audience that is used to visually impressive films and shows.


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